Other Uses and Benefits

healthy raspberriesDerived from the component of of the raspberry that gives it that tantalizing fragrance, it's no wonder that raspberry ketone was initially put to use in the fragrance and flavoring industries! As natural food additives go, it's rather pricey. Synthetic versions are less expensive and often substituted.

Fun fact: Raspberry ketone has been tested (yes there are actually studies on this) and proven to be effective in attracting and trapping fruit flies - which makes perfect sense, since it ... well ... smells like fruit!

More potential health benefits

As far as medicinal uses, raspberry ketone has to date been kind of a one-trick pony, with fat metabolism being its forte. Although more studies are needed, early research hints that RK may be helpful in treating several other conditions:

  • Protecting against fatty liver disease - There are two types of fatty liver disease: one from drinking too much alcohol and another that develops from ingesting too much fat in your diet. While raspberry ketones will NOT help with the first type, a 2012 study done on rats and published in the Journal of Medicinal Food indicates that this supplement may be helpful in preventing, and possibly even reversing, liver disease caused by a high-fat diet.

  • As a treatment for baldness and thinning hair - A 2008 study showed that raspberry ketone, applied topically (externally, on the skin), increased activity in hair follicles and led to regrowth of hair in mice at 4 weeks after beginning application. A continuation of the same study showed that a substance containing 0.01% RK appeared to prompt hair growth in humans suffering from baldness or thinning hair (alopecia) at 5 months after beginning treatment.

  • Improving skin elasticity - part of the same study cited above showed that the same topical RK formula, applied to the skin of the cheek, led to greater elasticity of the skin of 5 females within 2 weeks. This is too small a sample to draw any definite conclusions, but should attract the interest of the cosmetic industry and lead to further research!


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